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The third Beautiful Mind Music Academy Concert held on Saturday, 22nd April 2017 was attended by a full-house audience. The collaborative efforts of our three Guest Musicians from BMMA Korea, twelve BMMA students with their teachers, four students from PRISM - St. Joseph’s Institution, and Beautiful Mind Singapore Ensemble, had together put up yet another moving and successful concert.


We would like to express our deep appreciation and special thanks to -


  • Distinguished guests for your kind support, partnership and attendance

  • Corporate and individual sponsors for your benevolence and generous donations

  • Prof Bai Il Hwan, Mr Bae Sung Yeun, and Ms Kim Min Joo, our guest musicians from BMMA Korea for giving us the privilege to enjoy your beautiful piano and cello master pieces

  • BMMA teachers for your hard work, patience and dedication, amid your busy schedules, in leading and teaching our students

  • BMMA students for your hard work and perseverance in learning and pursuing music

  • Parents of BMMA students  for your steadfast support, encouragement and love of your children

  • Vedant, Pierre, Lindsey and Zhengqi from PRISM, St. Joseph’s Institution for your partnership and accompaniment of our Choir students

  • Mr Lawrence Loh, Mr Kelvin Chan and Mr Tan Tai An, the three volunteer professional photographers from Portrait from the Heart, for capturing the beautiful moments in photography

  • ScubeSG Pte Ltd for your professional and talented audio/visual productions and publicity design works

  • Our many volunteers for your time and contributions at the front-of-house and backstage supports

Lee Jong Churn & Lee Su Mi

Lee Kyung Ki

Lee Peter & Park Lee Ji Yeon

Lee Seung Hyun

Lee Seung Jun & Lee Eun Ju

Lee Soo Hyurn

Lee Tak Gyun & Yoo Jae Il

Lee Yong Joon & Lee So Young

Lee Young Bok

Lim Cherie

Lim Jae Won

Lim Jeong Hoon & Kim Kyung Hee

Lim Khok Cheng

Lim Su Kyung

Lin Sin Ching & Lee Hui Ling

Lu Tian Wei & Family

Lum I-Zack

Mahendra Hariyanto

Moe Ariana

Moe Elliot

Moe Joshua

Moe Neil Edwin & Moe Eun Jeong

Moon Chang Gook & Hyung Eun Hee

Nam Kyoung Soo & Ahn Young Mi

Neo Day Hoon

Oak Sharon

Park Chang Hyun & Park Jung Hyun

Park Choong Ki & Lee In Seon

Park Gi Ho & Yang Hwa Jin

Park Gun Mo & Park Sun Mee

Park Hyun Wook & Ahn Jung Sook

Park June Young

Park Meezy

Park Sang Hoon

Park Sun Hee

Park Tae Hyoun & Choi Keun Joo

Sajiv Louis

Seok Ho Jing & Lee Ji Sook

Song Siew Kee Geraldine

Sung Chee Young & Koo Yang Hee

Tan Mei Kain

Tay Shu Hui

Teo Qi Kuang & Chew Florence

Wan Hill Kuan

Yap Pao Teng Vincent & Yap Christina

You Keun Hae





Ewha Womans University Alumni Association




Gin Huat Engineering & Supplies Pte. Ltd.




Korean Association in Singapore




Korean Presbyterian Church



Koryo Trading Pte. Ltd.








AEON Medical and Aesthetic Centre








Cosmo SCM Pte. Ltd.








Chong Poh Heng

Kim Jo Hwan & Jung Seung Eun

Lee Guo Zheng

Lee Sang Hoon & Lee Sharon So Jueng

Yoon Ho Sup & Yoon Meekyung Mary





Choi Suk

Hong Jung Kee & Seo Seung Hee

Jeong Jun Hee & Tommy Lund

Kim Suk Hyun & Choi Yun Hoi

Min Peter & Chung Claire





















































Amando Nava (Violin Instrument Donor)

Bae Bong Nam

Bae Sung Woo & Kim Hyung Mi

Cha Seung Ryeol & Lee Mi Kyoung

Chae Sang Hun

Chai Min Sing

Chan Poh Ching

Chang Kevin & Kwon Jin Young

Chei Hye Mee

Chen Shui Xin Angie

Cho Do Chan & Hyun Soo Jeong

Cho Min Jeong

Cho Wan Hee & Kim Yoon Joo

Choi Sung Kil & Kim Hyun Jeong

Chung Claire (Violin Instrument Donor)

Chung Kyung Ah & Tim Wickmann

Giam Swee Chin

Giam Serene

Ha Jin Hee

Han Ashley

Han Baro

Han Soo Il

Han Su Jeong

Heo Soon Mi

Jeong Yeong Mi

Jin Shan Zi

Jo Yong Jun & Jo Seon Hee

Jung Ian & Jung Leah

Jung Sang Ju

Jung Su Youn

Kahn Yoon & Kim Jung Eun

Kang Jae Yeon

Kang Yo Han

Kim Hyong Mi

Kim Jae Il & Hwang Ka Young

Kim Jong Geun & Sung Jung Hwa  

Kim Jong Tai & Yeon Jin Hee

Kim Yong Gyu & Kim Hye Won

Kim Lauren Gyuri

Kim Tae Woong

Kim Won Sang & Yang Mina

Kim Ya Gyu & Song Kwi Ock

Koo Anne

Koo Jeoung Mo & An Kyung Mee

Lee Alex & Lee Rachel Ha Yoon

Lee Hyang Ryul

Lee Jae Won


We wish to extend our special thanks to the volunteers who donated

their time and talents to Beautiful Mind Charity.

Boon Yen Ping

Chan Kelvin

Chei Hye Mee

Chew Ee Hui

Cho Jae Hyun

Chung Claire

Foo Chee Yong

Kim Hee Sun

Kim Jong Suk

Kim Kyung Hee

Kim Si Yeon

Lee Hui Su

Lee Jae Won

Lim You Jun

Loh Lawrence

Loh Melissa Ruth


Ong Jun Wen

Park Jung Eun

Park So Youn

Portrait from the Heart

PRISM, St. Joseph’s Institution 

Priya Pillai

Shiyamielah Kesavan Pillai

Soh-Ng Violet

Tan Kim Seng Bernard

Tan Tai An

Tan Yun Xin Cheryl

Tong Harry

Wun Cheng Mun

Youn Jin Woong

Yun Hong Jun

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