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This year marks 10 years since Beautiful Mind Charity was started in 2012.

It has been our honor to serve and care for children with special needs or underprivileged in the local community. Our 10th anniversary Beautiful Mind Music Academy Concert was held on 23rd April 2022. We were so happy to celebrate our milestone with you and this wouldn’t have been possible without

  •  BMC Korea’s musicians, Kim Min Joo & Shim Hwan, for their beautiful performances

  • Our individual and corporate sponsors for your generous donations and steadfast support over the years

  • BMMA’s voluntary music teachers and teacher assistants for your dedication, time, and effort in teaching and nurturing our students

  • BMMA’s students for having strives hard to showcase your abilities to put on brilliant performances

  • Parents for being a pillar of strength and support for your children

  • Professional production team, Scube, for the moving video and audio concert presentations

  • Professional photography volunteers, Lawrence Loh, Wong Foo Lam, Cheng Poh Cheah, and Hay Qing Hui from Portrait from the Heart, for capturing beautiful moments of the event

  • Front of House and backstage volunteers for your indispensable logistical support


BMC thank you for your solidarity, love, and support over the past 10 years, and we will continue to serve our best in the years ahead. Thank you!

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Kitsing Pte. Ltd.





Korea Investment Corporation Singapore Branch

KPC (Singapore) Ltd.




SBCD Korean Tofu House




Fisherman Music School





2022 INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS            




Lee Guo Zheng



Chang Poh Heng

Kim Jo Hwan & Jung Seung Eun

Lee Sang Hoon & Lee Sharon So Jueng

Yoon Ho Sup & Yoon Meekyung Mary




Chang Kevin & Kwon Jin Young

Cho Won Joon & Kim Jong Suk

Goh Soh Peng Yvette

Kim Suk Hyun & Choi Yun Hoi

Lim Peoy Len Caren

Priyanka Tiku Gupta

Sun Sangho, Sun Sanggyu & Sun Sangho




COSMO SCM logo.jpg

Abdul Rani Bin Idis & Yaznita Binte Sallim

Angel Larry & Angel Resurreccion Grace

Bay Meng Chien

Chang Stephanie

Chen Michelle

Cho Young Joon & Ahn Hyo Jeong

Choi Ji Min & Choi You Jin

Chung John Jong Woo & Cho Min Jeong

Dr. Hecht Thomas Aquinas

Giam Swee Chin Olivia

Giam Swee Lin Serene

Goh Caesar

Goh Hock Guan

Goh Ti-Swen Dale

Han Ashley

Han Baro & Lee Jung Yun

Hariyanto Mahendra

Jang Heung Kyu & Kim Myung Ju

Jung Youn Bo & Choi Joo Yeun

Kieu Thi Hong Phuc

Kim Jason & Song Kwi Ock

Kim Jong Bum & Yang Yu Sun

Kim Michael James

Kim Seong Uk & Kim Eun Jin

Kim Su Taek

Lee Alex & Lee Rachel Ha Yoon

Lee Cham Yi

Lee Chloe

Lee Dong Ho & Back Hyun Ju

Lee Eun Ju & Lee Song Bin

Lee Eun Shil

Lee Ki Tae

Leong Hui Shen Samantha Anne

Lim Teck Chai Danny

Mardhiah Binte Mazelan

Moon Chang Gook & Hyung Eun Hee

Nam Kyoung Soo & Ahn Young Mi

Ng Bok Eng

Ng Franky William Ariawan

Ong Leng & Yeo Selina

Park Choong Ki & Lee In Seon

Quah Elizabeth

Ramadhany Suci

Ryu Won Jin & Jin So Jung

Shin Sang Sik & Ahn Ji Hyun

Tan Boon Teng

Tan Prudence

Um Ki Won & Kim Eun Jo

Young Joseph Nasum

Yu Min & Cho Yoon Seo

Zhang Zeyi Francis


We wish to extend our special thanks to the volunteers who donated

their time and talents to Beautiful Mind Charity.

Ch’ng Chia Yee

Cho Jae Hyun

Cho Shir Yi

Choi Hyun Seo

Foo Chee Yong

Hay Qing Hui

Hwang Chang Jin

Jin Youn

Kim Jong Suk

Koo Emily

Lee Rachel Ha Yoon



Loh Lawrence

Oon Ho Khwee

Portrait from the Heart

Priya Pilai

Rastkar Payam

Shiyamielah Kesavan Pillai

Tan Yun Xin Cheryl

Tay Zi Shuang Felicia

Wong Foo Lam

Xue Xiao Zuo

Zhu Kaitlyn

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