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BMC participates in social services in the local community by offering a free music education programme for children with special needs and the underprivileged, through its music education unit, Beautiful Mind Music Academy (BMMA). 

BMMA aims to help the students grow and fully develop their artistic talents as professional musicians via musical training and activities.

The programme offers one-on-one music lessons that are customized to each student’s special needs.


BMMA Korea was first established in 2008. Since then, 169 students were guided through their musical journeys, and as of this moment, professional musicians are providing music lessons to 50 students in Korea.

BMC Singapore has also started its BMMA programme in March 2014. Currently, 18 local students are enrolled in the programme and receive lessons from 24 professional musicians locally. The students will be given an opportunity to perform a solo or in an ensemble once a year.


Period of Instruction: Two semesters every year (16 lessons per semester)

Areas of Instruction: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, and Vocal


BMC는 뷰티플마인드 뮤직아카데미 (이하 BMMA)를 통하여 재능이 있는 장애학생들과 소외계층의 학생들을 발굴하여 무료 음악교육을 제공함으로써 싱가포르 지역사회의 사회복지에 이바지하고 있습니다. BMMA는 학생들이 전문 음악인으로 자라는 것을 목표로 음악 교육과 앙상블 등의 다양한 활동을 통해 예술적 재능이 최대한 발휘되도록 돕고 있습니다.


한국 BMMA는 2008년에 시작되어 현재까지 169명의 학생이 거쳐갔고 현재 전문 음악인들이 뮤직아카데미 재학생과 오케스트라 단원 50여 명의 학생들을 지도하고 있습니다.  2014년 3월에 시작된 싱가포르 BMMA도 24명의 전문 음악인들이 현지 장애학생 18명에게 음악을 통한 꿈을 키워주고 있습니다. 



Call for Application

* Application Period: To be announced

* Initial Document Screening Results Notification: To be announced

* Interview (Audition): To be announced

* Final Admission Notification: To be announced


Qualification and Selection Criteria

1. Students with special needs  between the ages of 7 and 16. (Priority will be given to Singaporeans and PRs.)

2. Prior experience in instrument preferred.

3. Initial document screening (application form and letter of recommendation), followed by an audition and interview of guardian.


Required Documents for Submission

1.  Download: Application Form

2.  Self-Introduction letter

    *Must include: year of birth, personality, behavioral characteristics, level of understanding of instruction, level of musical talent, prior activities      related to music, etc.

3.  A pre-screening videos of your performance

4.  Letter of recommendation


BMMA Instructors

OBOE  Yoon Meekyung Mary
Yonsei University, Korea, B.M.
American Conservatory of Music, USA, M.M. & D.M.A.
Former member of Classical Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, USA

BMMA Instructor since 2012


FLUTE  Lee Sharon So Jueng
Essen Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany, M.M. & Konzertexamen
Temple University, USA, Professional Studies
Former faculty at Daejin University, Korea

BMMA Instructor since 2012

FLUTE Kim Mi Ran
Dongduk Women's University, Korea, B.M.
Former instructor of Heart-Heart Wind Orchestra

Former instructor of Central Christian Academy 

BMMA Instructor in 2015 & since 2022

FLUTE  Ko Haylin Hye Ryoung

Sookmyoung Women’s University, Korea, B.M. & M.M.

Former member of Flaviol Flute Ensemble

BMMA Instructor since 2019



Kookmin University, Korea, B.M. 

Former member of Sori Arts Center and Iksan City Wind Orchestra, Korea

BMMA Instructor since 2022

VIOLIN  Dang Thanh Trung

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS, B.M.

Faculty at Mandeville Conservatory of Music

BMMA Instructor since 2018


VIOLIN  Jeon Natalie Juyeon

The University of British Columbia, Canada, B.M.

BMMA Instructor since 2018

VIOLIN  Yoon Su Yeon

Chung Ang University, Korea, B.M.

University of Cincinnati, USA, M.M.

BMMA Instructor since 2020

VIOLA  Kwon Jin Young

Seoul National University, Korea, B.M.

New England Conservatory of Music, USA, M.M.

Former member of Korean Symphony Orchestra & Central Jersey Orchestra 

BMMA Instructor in 2012-2016 & since 2022

VIOLA & VIOLIN  Pham Thi Minh Anh

Hanoi Conservatory of Music, Vietnam, B.M.
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS, B.M.
Faculty at Mandeville Conservatory of Music

BMMA Instructor since 2018

VIOLA  Chiew Jeremy
Longy School of Music of Bard College, USA, M.M.

Adjunct Lecturer, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Associate Artistic Director & GM, New Opera Singapore

BMMA Instructor since 2019

CELLO  Krug Maria Patricia
Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich, Germany, M.M.Ed.

Instructor at Tanglewood Music School

BMMA Instructor since 2015



Former Instructors

CELLO  Yang Jaewon

Yonsei University, Korea, B.M.

Former member of KBS Symphony Orchestra, Seoul, Korea

BMMA Instructor since 2020

PIANO  Chin Shih Er Shirley 
University of New Castle, Australia, B.M.
University of Tasmania, Australia, M.M.
Head of Piano Department at KAWAI Music School-Elite, Singapore

BMMA Instructor since 2016

PIANO  Woo Ji Yeon
Seoul National University, Korea, B.M.

BMMA Instructor since 2016

PIANO   Yoo Jae Il
Seoul National University, Korea, B.M.

BMMA Instructor since 2016

PIANO / FLUTE  Tan Mei Wah

Kingston University, U.K., B.M.(Hons)

Instructor of Very Special Arts Singapore

Member of Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra

BMMA Instructor since 2018

PIANO Lim Dao Sheng

Royal College of Music, London, B.M. 

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Dip. in Music Performance

BMMA Instructor since 2020


PIANO  Mak Matthew

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS, B.M. & M.M.

Adjunct at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

BMMA Instructor since 2020

PIANO Park In Hye

University of Music Trossingen, Germany, M.M, M.M.Ed & Konzertexamen

BMMA Instructor since 2021


PIANO Kang Ji Yeon 

Seoul National University, Korea, B.M.  

Kookmin University, Korea, M.M.Ed.

BMMA Instructor since 2022

PIANO Chew Michele 

London College of Music, LLCM in Teaching Diploma

London College of Music, GLCM in Piano Performance 

BMMA Instructor since 2023


PIANO Yoon Jongah 

Essen Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany, M.M.

Adjunct faculty at SOTA & Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

BMMA Instructor since 2024


Australian National University, B.M. (Hons)

Australian Guild of Music Education, B.M.

Trinity College London, AMusTCL

BMMA Instructor since 2022

Teaching Assistants





















Park So Youn (2012-2015)

Kwon Jin Young (2012-2016)

Lee Hyun Joo (2012-2019)

Lim Sun Ju (2012-2020)
Kim Eun Ji (2015-2016)

Moe Eun Jeong (2015-2017)

Kong Yvonne (2015-2021)

Bae Min Hee (2016)

Park Ji Sung (2016-2019)

Kim Ji Eun (2017)

Lu Pei Fang (2017-2018)

Lee Kasey (2017-2020)

Tan Yi Shian (2018-2020)

Chang Ko-Hsin (2018-2023)

Choi Hye Ki (2019-2021)
Yang Helen Hojung (2019-2022)

Choi Hye Seon (2020)

Koh Su Ting Natalie (2020-2021)

Emily Dothe (2022)

Lau Karen (2022)









Eng Cheng Le

Lee Song Bin

Lim Sze Jing

Alicia Diva Chandra

Park Sean

Choi Harang

Eom Da Hyun

Former TAs











Kim Lindsey (2019-2022)

Hsui Jolene (2020-2021)

Ho Caitlin (2020-2022)

Lee Rachel (2020-2022)

Kim Doyeol Nate (2020-2023)

Ahn Yumi (2021-2022)

Chua Joline Yong Jia (2021-2023)

Ang Jia Yi (2023)

Baek Christy (2023-2024)

Han Ashley (2023-2024)

Beautiful Mind Music Academy Stories

Pei Shan
Remembering Teo Pei Shan,
Beautiful Mind Music Academy’s First Student

Pei Shan was the first batch of students to be enrolled into Beautiful Mind Music Academy on 25 January 2014. She started receiving free piano lessons customised to her needs at her home on 13 February 2014 under the tutelage of BMMA’s music teacher and musician, Dr Mary Yoon. Prior to joining BMMA, Pei Shan was receiving keyboard lessons from her family friend since the age of eight.

Angel Lawrence Gabriel Villar

Lawrence is an 11-year old boy, with visual impairment. He was enrolled into Beautiful Mind Music Academy, the music unit of Beautiful Mind Charity, in January 2015 as one of our beneficiaries to receive free music lessons. He receives one-on-one weekly lessons on flute provided by our former teacher Ms Miran Kim, and since September 2015 by Ms Sharon Lee.

Lim Samuel Hong Xiang

Samuel Lim is an 18-year old teenager who is musically talented. Prior to his enrolment as a student of Beautiful Mind Music Academy, he had been taking piano lessons from a private teacher since the age of seven.

In year 2014, Samuel was introduced by a close friend to attend Beautiful Mind Music Academy’s audition at SPD. Samuel was accepted by BMMA as one of our pioneer students.

Chai Chang Xun
Chai Chang Xun is a 15-year old teenager with autism spectrum disorder. He studies at Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School (RCYPS). Before joining the Beautiful Mind Music Academy (BMMA) programme, Chang Xun took piano lessons from a private teacher for about 18 months.  Described by his then piano teacher as a child who enjoyed music and performing to the masses, she believed that it would be good exposure to help him grow and develop his musical talent if...
Chang Xun
Goh Jia Yun

Goh Jia Yun is a 17-year old teenager with Down Syndrome. She was enrolled into Beautiful Mind Music Academy, the music unit of Beautiful Mind Charity, in January 2016 as one of our beneficiaries to receive free piano lessons. Prior to this she was receiving private piano lessons since year 2010.

Goh Jia Yun
Lu Tian Wei

19-year old Lu Tian Wei is a musically talented teenager despite his autistic condition. He came to Beautiful Mind Music Academy (BMMA), a music unit of Beautiful Mind Charity, on 25 August 2016 for an audition, and was subsequently enrolled as a violin student.

Lu Tian Wei
Tung Hei.jpg
Ng Tung Hei
Ng Tung Hei was enrolled as a Beautiful Mind Music Academy student on 25 August 2016 upon successfully passing the audition. Her mother, Mrs Arena Ng shares her following story –

“Tung Hei was selected to play the viola from scratch, with no prior knowledge or training in the instrument."


Ng Tung Hei
Ponce David Nuowen
David is a student of Beautiful Mind Music Academy (BMMA) since 2016. He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) combined with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He is 16 years old and currently a senior student at Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School (RCYPS). Mrs.Bernadette, David’s mother shared the following experience on BMMA’s music programme.


Ponce David
Hariyanto Feroze Shaquille
Feroze is a 15 years-old teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he currently studies at Grace Orchard School. He joined Beautiful Mind Music Academy in 2016 as a choir student and performed in the 2017, 2018 & 2019 Beautiful Mind Music Academy Concerts. Feroze’s mother, Mrs.Elisa, shared with us this story on his musical journey.


Hariyanto Feroze
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