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Beautiful Mind Music Academy Story 

Ng Tung Hei

Ng Tung Hei was enrolled as a Beautiful Mind Music Academy student on 25 August 2016 upon successfully passing the audition. Her mother, Mrs Arena Ng shares her following story –

“Tung Hei was selected to play the viola from scratch, with no prior knowledge or training in the instrument.

With the professionalism and dedication of the then teacher Ms. Kwon Jin Young, Tung Hei got to play in the progress concert after two months in 2016. Though a simple song, we were astounded at how a good teaching can enhance a student. In 2017 she was groomed by Ms. Kim Ji Eun for her 2nd progress concert.  From 2018, Tung Hei came under the tutelage of Ms. Pham Thi Minh Anh and Mr. Dang Thanh Trung, who brought her to play a solo and ensemble piece at the BMMA’s 22 April 2018 concert at SOTA.

In Aug 2018, we were overwhelmed that Tung Hei was chosen to participate in the Special Music & Art Festival in Pyeongchang, South Korea. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for us to see a large group of musically talented special youths from all over the world. Tung Hei even had the honour of performing alongside the Korean orchestra. The fruitful trip has deeply inspired us to strive to excel in ourselves.

We are grateful beyond words, not only to the great BMMA teachers but to the entire academy. Behind every successful event, all trainings and coordination were well executed without the presence of a centre or office. Teachers compromised the privacy of their homes to teach the students while admin staff Ms. Anne Koo provides timely updates to the parents via social network, all these under the mindful directions of Mrs. Sharon Lee - it would not be possible without their unconditional Passion, Care, Patience and Love.

Thank you BMMA ! “

BMMA is happy to see the efforts put in by Tung Hei and the progress she is making. We will continue to groom her to her best potential, similarly as we do for all BMMA students. 





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