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Beautiful Mind Music Academy Story 

Lim Samuel Hong Xiang

Samuel Lim is an 18-year old teenager who is musically talented. Prior to his enrolment as a student of Beautiful Mind Music Academy, he had been taking piano lessons from a private teacher since the age of seven.

In year 2014, Samuel was introduced by a close friend to attend Beautiful Mind Music Academy’s audition at SPD. Samuel was accepted by BMMA as one of our pioneer students.

Samuel’s parents shower him with lots of love, support and encouragement in his pursuit of music. Mrs Pauline Lim, Samuel’s mother shared with us the following experience on BMMA’s music programme.

“In the beginning Samuel was uncertain and lacked sense of direction. Ms Lim Sun Ju, his BMMA music teacher and mentor rooted him firmly and taught him the finer points of articulating his music skill and feel as a musician.  The process took three months and Samuel staged his first appearance as BMMA’s student at Beautiful Mind Charity’s Concert on 19th April 2014. The response was overwhelming and my boy learnt and grew exponentially from there, in terms of confidence, attitude, resilience and empathy.

After the first interaction with the Korean musicians during the BMC concert, Samuel endears to his Korean Senior who taught him that hardship is the catalyst for success. The journey is always challenging but filled with joys.

Samuel is juggling with both his studies and music career, as through BMMA he learnt to cherish and be prudent with every decision he makes. He is more mature now and able to contribute to the community through his music with greater confidence.

Thank you Beautiful Mind Charity for giving us unconditional LOVE!”

According to Ms Lim Sun Ju, Samuel’s music teacher, she first met Samuel through BMC in March 2014. She got to know that Samuel could not speak due to a childhood incident, and he looked weak and introverted.  Despite having challenges in communication with others, he focused really well during lessons, and put up a brilliant performance during BMC's Beautiful Concert in April 2014, despite a short training period of only one and a half months. To see Samuel grow steadily as a musician and triumph over adversity moves his teacher greatly and brings tremendous joy to her heart.

Teacher Sun Ju’s current goal is to help Samuel unlock and unleash his musical ability and potential within him. She is sincerely grateful that she has been blessed with the opportunity to grow together with Samuel through music.

Samuel’s accomplishment is a result of his own hard work and perseverance, and the partnership between Samuel’s supportive parents and Teacher Sun Ju.

BMC takes great pride in our BMMA teachers for their dedication, valuable time and hard work in nurturing, developing and growing children with special needs in their musical talent.

Since August this year BMMA had enrolled seven more students to benefit from our programme, bringing the total number of students to 18. The expansion programme is made possible by the kind and benevolent support of our voluntary sponsors and donors, and the dollar-for-dollar matching grants from the Cultural Matching Fund.

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