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Beautiful Mind Music Academy Story 

Hariyanto Feroze Shaquille

Feroze is a 15 years-old teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and he currently studies at Grace Orchard School. He joined Beautiful Mind Music Academy in 2016 as a choir student and performed in the 2017, 2018 & 2019 Beautiful Mind Music Academy Concerts. Feroze’s mother, Mrs.Elisa, shared with us this story on his musical journey.

Feroze showed sensitivity to music from an early age. He was so responsive to songs that he would dance along to the music and would sometimes hum the melodies. (as like some ASD kids, he wasn’t so verbal that time) He even cried when he heard someone singing out of tune in a contest on TV.

Because his speech clarity wasn’t great, I couldn’t imagine him singing. But slowly as time went by, I was reassured by his piano teacher that he was fully capable of singing, and was henceforth introduced to BMMA by her.

Unlike my husband had confidence in him, I was very doubtful that Feroze would pass the audition in BMMA. Thus, I just followed along the process with little to no expectations.

Because I didn’t have high hopes, one can only imagine how overjoyed and grateful I was when I received the results from BMMA informing me that he had passed the audition.

But in the midst of celebration and joy, I was also ashamed and remorseful because I had not believed in my own son.

As years passed by, I saw how the BMMA teachers nurtured Feroze and his choir friends with great patience and sincerity.

My husband and I could see how singing builds up Feroze’s confidence and regulates his behaviour. It has allowed him to learn so much about understanding people’s expectations through his performances, and on how to deliver the best of himself.

One thing that really amused me about Feroze and his choir friends is that even though they are mostly challenged in the areas of social skills, they cooperate very nicely. They showcase great teamwork.

As a mother, I would like to say big thanks to Beautiful Mind Music Academy and all the teachers. Especially to the choir teachers, thank you for giving this opportunity to Feroze, and always believing in him. God bless you!

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