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Letter from Singapore American School



What an amazing concert. I loved every minute of it! Would you have a moment to share this note with your musicians?

The children were truly inspiring as well as all the musicians in your group. There were times I had tears in my eyes.

The music was so lovely and all of you were so kind and generous to come and share your gifts with us. Please know they were received with love and joy.

No worries at all about the time – many of the teachers came up later and thanked me for hearing Amazing Grace. In the end – it’s not about the number of minutes – but the number of hearts that beat together. Every moment you played reminded us of why we’re really here on this planet.

Thank you again for a beautiful morning. I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll think of our school again as a place to share your music with in the future.


Leanne Pepple
Singapore American School

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